August 27, 2006

August 27, 2006 | Updates

Tomorrow is a big day! Just imagine the first time you sent a child off to Kindergarten. Now imagine that child is 2 years younger and severely handicapped and you’ll get a little glimpse into what I’m feeling. Basically, aaaaagggggghhhhh! I know Samuel will love it and he’ll learn a lot and it will be good for him, but it sure is hard for me to let him go. I will go with him for the first week to make sure he does OK. And I will probably end up driving him both ways. But he will be totally in the school’s care for a few hours a day. Let’s hope they worry about him as much as I do :)!One of the main things I worry about is that Samuel will get sick all winter long being at school. Let’s hope not. I think, though, that he got about 6 colds from Ben last year, so it probably won’t be any worse than that!

Samuel finished up his 2 weeks of hyperbarics and did really well during the treatments. He was fine during every session this week and mostly is just content to watch the movie running while he’s in the chamber. His myoclonus has been a little worse this week - nothing too drastic, though. His seizures got worse during our last set of treatments and then disappeared a while after we were done. So I suspect that is what’s happening this time. I’ve read of that happening with other children and hyperbarics. It will often increase the frequency of their seizures before it decreases them. So it’s just something we have to wait out.

We ordered a wheelchair for Samuel about 6 weeks ago so he would have one for school. I finally had to call this week and get mad at the wheelchair place because I don’t even think they have submitted the paperwork for the chair to our insurance company, yet. I told them we had specifically ordered the chair for school and now school was starting and we were no where close to having a chair. So they sent out a loaner chair until they can get us ours.

Since Samuel hated his last wheelchair, I was careful with this one. I put him in it several times without strapping him in and then we drove around making all kinds of race car noises and driving crazy so he would enjoy it. Once he thought it was a toy, then I strapped him in and he was good with it. He spent a couple hours in it yesterday while we went to trout & berry days and then another hour or so in it today during church. Tonight, we put him in it again and went for a walk. He definitely tolerates it much better than any of the other chairs we have tried. So that’s good since he has to go to school in it tomorrow.

The last thing I want to share is that several of us around here have been having interesting dreams about Samuel lately. Tom happened to mention to me that he keeps dreaming that Samuel is walking. Tom said he obviously has a difficult time walking in his dreams, but he is walking. I’ve dreamt that Samuel is talking. Again, he has an obvious speech impediment in my dreams, but he is talking. I’ve also dreamed that he has figured out how to push himself around the carpet with his feet. And our physical therapist (who I absolutely love) has dreamt that Samuel is walking in our front room from his dad to me and back again. I just think it’s interesting that we’ve all had such neat dreams about him in just the past month. I can hardly wait for those dreams to come to reality!

Samuel had a father’s blessing before starting school and he was blessed with some pretty neat things. I think this year is going to show a lot of improvement for our little boy. He’s such an angel and we couldn’t be more blessed having him!

Pray for a good week at school! And pray that Samuel will continue to progress and learn to crawl, walk, talk & eat by mouth. Thanks!

The Jewkes

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